We believe in simple food harvested
from the earth that tastes as fresh
as its peak in nature

We believe in
the power of plants

– to nourish our bodies, engage our taste buds with exciting flavor, and provide a more sustainable future for generations to come. We believe in creating plant-based, protein-rich recipes that deliver unparalleled taste from responsibly sourced ingredients that are not only great for you, but also better for our planet. Plants can provide the necessary proteins and nutrition for a balanced diet, and that’s why we’re returning food to its origins. Most of our Plant To Plate™ entrees are certified vegan as well, helping you feel better about what you’re eating.

So, feel free to indulge. We will grow more.

It all began one day...

when we asked, "What if?" What if we harvested the plants around us and used them to create delectable masterpieces? Simple food – made with delicious, wholesome ingredients – sourced responsibly and powered by plants.

Know what you are eating…

Our chef-inspired Plant To Plate™ recipes have been developed using ingredients that you can actually recognize. And they're always protein-enriched and a good source of fiber, made with whole grains, few added sugars, and nothing artificial. All Plant To Plate packaging minimizes waste, is BPA-free, and steams perfectly in the bag.

Driven by the taste.

Nature provided our culinary artists with all the necessary flavors to create some amazing plant-based recipes. We knew the moment we tasted them they had to be shared with the rest of the world.